If you are wondering whether to attend a deliverance conference, our experiences might help you make a decision. On the positive side, attending these conferences can bring unity among believers, provide an opportunity to make a public statement in a secular area, and offer uplifting worship and prayer. Sharing testimonies can also be a positive experience, as well as witnessing people being healed of diseases and illnesses. Additionally, attending these conferences can be a great way to meet new believers. Cory Asbury was also a highlight to see live.

Cory Asbury at the Warriors of Deliverance 3 conference in Corpus Christi, Texas

However, there are also some cons that we experienced. One of the main issues we faced was not having a big enough budget for the arena, which meant we had to ask attendees to donate more money. Additionally, the conference went over the allotted time, which can be frustrating for attendees who have other commitments or travel arrangements. Another issue was the lack of an itinerary, which made it difficult to know who was speaking at what time.

Despite these challenges, we believe that attending deliverance conferences can be a positive and transformative experience. If you are considering attending a conference, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and make sure that you are prepared for any potential challenges. Ultimately, we found that attending these conferences helped us to deepen our faith and connect with other believers in a meaningful way.

Worship team at the Warriors of Deliverance 3 conference


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