Hey everyone, Michael and Cheryl here! We spent Memorial Day at the Phoenix Zoo and wanted to share our experience with you.


 At the entrance of the Phoenix Zoo


One of the highlights of our visit was the South American birds and tamarins. We loved seeing these unique animals and learning about their habitats and behaviors. We even got to see some of the birds up close and they were absolutely stunning.

Scarlett Macaw


Cotton Top Tamarin at Phoenix Zoo
Cotton Top Tamarin



Another surreal experience was seeing the “chubby unicorns” or white rhinos. These massive creatures were beautiful and we spent a lot of time just watching them.


Michael and Cheryl with White Rhino in background


White Rhino
White Rhino at Phoenix Zoo

However, we did find that there was a lot of walking required to explore the entire zoo. We walked for four hours in triple digit heat, which was quite exhausting. The zoo was massive compared to some of the previous zoos we had visited, and we definitely got our exercise for the day.


If you’re not big on walking or want to see everything in a shorter amount of time, we recommend renting one of the “fur-wheelers”. These are motorized carts that allow you to explore the zoo at your own pace and without the extra physical exertion.



The new part of the zoo is still under construction, but we could tell it was going to be incredible once it’s finished. We can’t wait to come back and see the new exhibits once they are open to the public.

Giraffe at the Phoenix Zoo
Bald Eagle at the Phoenix Zoo
Mandrills at the Phoenix Zoo
Oryx at the Phoenix Zoo
Prairie dog at Phoenix Zoo


Overall, we had a great time at the Phoenix Zoo on Memorial Day. We saw some amazing animals and learned so much. If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend checking it out!



If you’re looking for discounts or passes to the Phoenix Zoo, be sure to check out the Pogo Pass. It’s a great way to save money on admission to the zoo and other fun attractions in the area.


To learn more about the Phoenix Zoo and plan your visit, check out their website at https://www.phoenixzoo.org/.

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