Thank You for the Support at Our Baby Shower

Thank you all for the support at our baby shower. Sorry for those who couldn’t be there but wanted to. Thank you for your prayers and generosity. We thank God for you all #babyshower #pregnant #pregnancy #babyontheway #gift #blessing #arrow #christian #thankyou

Birthday Weekend!

Hey we’re just checking in with you all! Hope you are having a fun filled, lovely weekend! We got a great deal on a rental RV by doing a relocation deal. You can find those deals below: RV deals from In celebration of my wife’s birthday, we embarked on a unique adventure that […]

Where Have We Been?

Sorry we’ve been gone for a while. We have many things to come though. Stay tuned, and subscribe.

Welcome to Our YouTube Channel!

Michael and Cheryl here, on a mission to explore the world with love and purpose. Join us as we travel to breathtaking locations, immerse ourselves in nature, delve into our faith, and share the beauty of music. Our journey is not just about discovering new places, but also about personal growth and strengthening relationships. We […]