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In celebration of my wife’s birthday, we embarked on a unique adventure that not only fulfilled our wanderlust but also taught us valuable lessons for future travelers. We decided to check off a longstanding item from our bucket list, or as we like to call it, our “brim” list – renting an RV and hitting the open road. The idea of becoming full-time RVers had always intrigued us, and this was the perfect opportunity to dip our toes into this nomadic lifestyle.

To make this journey happen, we booked a one-way ticket to San Francisco (SFO) and secured a one-way RV transfer from cruiseamerica.com. This proved to be a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to the standard RV rental rates. The catch was that the RV needed to be relocated from the Bay Area to Phoenix for sale, and instead of hiring movers, they enlisted travel enthusiasts like us.

Before setting out, we stopped at Walmart to gather supplies. Cruise America tends to charge an unnecessary $125 for a house kit, but with a quick trip to Walmart or bringing your essentials from home, you can save a significant amount.

Our first night on the road found us sleeping in Lost Hills, behind a Love’s. We then continued to the stunning Emerald Cove, nestled between California and Arizona, with the majestic Colorado River meandering through this picturesque landscape.

Emerald Cove provided us with an interesting overnight stay. We were offered two complimentary nights if we sat through a 90-minute presentation, which we politely declined, though we did receive some freebies like a tablet. The high-pressure sales tactics weren’t to our liking, as they tried to make us believe that if we didn’t buy that day, we couldn’t return for two years, and it would cost more. A more relaxed approach might attract more customers.

Our neighbors were friendly, though a bit loud, and the resort had its share of noise from karaoke and revelers. Despite this, it was a unique experience where I learned about RV maintenance and the art of emptying black water and gray water tanks. An important lesson emerged when we discovered that Cruise America hadn’t provided all the necessary sewage hoses for our RV, forcing us to buy a new one – which they did reimburse us for (kudos to Cruise America).

Continuing our journey, we made a stop at the iconic London Bridge in Lake Havasu, acquired from the city of London in 1967. We snapped some memorable photos and enjoyed a leisurely walk along the beach. Next, we headed to Gilbert to celebrate Cheryl’s birthday at Joe’s BBQ, indulging in a complimentary dessert at Postino’s as it was her birthday. Our night was spent camping on Hakamore Road, surrounded by the breathtaking desert landscape.

Returning to Tucson proved to be a challenge, as our rushed departure meant we forgot to note the location of our parked car. A valuable tip for all travelers: always take a photo of where you’ve parked and the wall number. Ideally, consider parking in a more budget-friendly spot. We chose airport parking due to our time constraints.

We hope our journey and experiences prove helpful to fellow travelers. If you have your own remarkable travel stories or useful tips to share, please leave them in the comments below. Safe travels!

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